I signed on because I lead myself to believe it might help me getting finally commenced writing my dissertation. Not that I have just procrastinated so far, oh no, I have actually done a lot of reading and in my head everything seems so clear that I just need to write it down (at least the theory based chapters). Nonetheless, getting started, sitting down at my desk and take the pen into my hand appears to be so difficult. One cause is the fear to get it wrong right from the start. The other – I think more important – cause is my perfectionism. Whenever I write an essay or article, it takes me quite some time to write the first couple of sentences. I struggle, I wrestle with each word, move it in my head and heart, change the word order until I like the sentence exactly the way it is. When I am done, it is printable and hardly needs any changes – but it takes forever (if my deadline is still far away). I am hoping that blogging will give me an opportunity to get more used to simply write straightforward and publish it.

We will see if it works out.