Today I had planned on writing an up-to-date version of my research proposal, but naturally this did not work out. The Boyfriend was so excited about setting up the website I had registered months ago as a present for him because _he_ defended his thesis successfully. His very first own website – and of course he needed a basic introduction into HTML. During the holidays we had already worked on an outline, and now it was his turn to fill it with content. Since I am the one with HTML knowledge, I soon became his walking encyclopedia. Of course he needed advice in the beginning and I was disturbed in my own writing process.
Anyway, he learned quickly and really got hooked and started playing with the design. Whenever he had changed the font or the background color, he called my attention and asked if it was to my liking.
Oh how nice to have a scapegoat, of course my not getting done anything has nothing to do with my catching up on all the belated Happy New Years-emails.