It indeed became a night shifter because I was going through my notes and the handout and decided to look up certain facts again and find additional ones and suddenly it was really really late.
I got up early – after a mere three hours of sleep – took a shower and got coffee in my favorite big Smithsonian mug. I sat cuddled in my bathrobe in front of my window, looked at the skyline and just felt good. Everything was ready – the programs set up on my computer and running without any problems, the handouts printed out nicely, my notes written on cards, my blouse being ironed, my jacket being de-fluffed, a new pair of jeans, my shoes shining – and I even had food in my fridge for a breakfast. I felt so grown up because I was done with everything way before it was time to leave – no stress, no hectic while preparing the last bits.
I arrived an hour in advance – which I had told the professor – and had enough time for setting up the beamer, connecting it to my notebook, and making sure everything was working properly.
We had a nice chat and suddenly the participants arrived – some of them from famous research institutes.
I had not been nervous, but at this point I got one of these great surges of adrenalin that make my job fun.
I started the presentation – and tried to stick to my notes on the cards. With the first one it worked out, but honestly this card system does not work out for me. I prefer to talk free and forget about turning my notes – so if I would suddenly need data from my notes, I would not be on the correct line anyway. Therefore I dropped the cards and spoke free and explained and demonstrated the stuff on my computer. Questions arose – and I could answer them! And if not, other participants joined in and an interesting discussion started and I added information and it really went well and I think they liked it, at least they asked for my contact data in case they might have more questions.
Before I left I had another chat with the professor who asked me to give this presentation and I think he liked it as well and gosh I am so glad it went so smoothly and I am proud that I managed it so well.
I am delighted and happyhappyhappy!