Well, more on the search for a craftsperson.
Company number 1 – does not call back.
Company number 2 – wants a ridiculous high price
Company number 3 – ask for a decent amount. However, they will not work with material that was not sold by them. I ask if they offer something in a warm, dark brown, suggesting some wood names. Of course they have these kind of colors in their selection, they say. I make an appointment in the afternoon and take the time off from work and drive to their office. Nobody is there, the door is locked – and I am not late. Nobody shows up. I wait. And wait. Just before I want to leave an old truck enters the site and they ask me for whom I am looking for. I tell them I have an appointment and they tell me I have to go to the back side of the house. There I need to climb a staircase, the men following me. I walk through an empty hallway. All scary movies I have seen pop up in my head. If something will happen to me now, everybody would ask how stupid I was.
But no – finally I find another office and the guy I talked with on the phone. He shows me their selection – and their is just NO dark brown one.  He could order one, but that would be a special kind, small pieces that need to be glued piece by piece and suddenly the price is sky-rocking.

No, thanks.

What a waste of time.

Company number 4 – does not call back
Company number 5.
Secretary: Hello.
Me: Hello. I want somebody to lay out new linoleum in my kitchen. How much would you charge me?
Secretary: Well, we take 30,- € an hour plus tax.
Me: I have no idea how long it will take. It is a small kitchen, approximately 12 square meters.
Secretary: That would take about a day.
Me: 8 hours??? For 12 square meters?
She: Or half a day.
Me: Alright…
She interrupts: However, just by the way, laying out linoleum is really easy. You can do this by yourself.
Me: Oh. Okay. Well, then.
She: Bye!

In my next life I will become a craftsperson myself.