The luxury of a Sunday morning – an extended breakfast with the spouse, including newspaper reading. While drinking coffee, he finds an interesting job offer which suits me perfectly. Like really really perfectly. Exactly the field I am interested in, topics I am working on for years. Now I am all torn between applying or not. This position is at a governmental department. Getting the position would mean an end to my dreams of a future academic career. And not even a slightest chance for attending a lecturer exchange program with a nice New England college (yeah, baring my soul in this anonymous forum). Getting the position would mean an end to my temporary non-extendable half-time position which – taken the actual employment situation at universities and research institutions – might end in a blind-alley anyway. Nonetheless, am I ready to let my dream go at this point in my life? I would love to finish my thesis (um, well, start working on it). On the other hand, how often are jobs like this available?

I am torn. Shall I apply or not?