Not wanting to think about this job offer all day long, I am brushing a decision aside. Heading to the library, working on my thesis all morning long, meeting fellow doctoral candidates for lunch.

PD and I get all excited about a conference coming fall which will include a workshop section for junior researchers. We can jump in the planning process and therefore we spend the afternoon on an online survey among a mailing list I had set up months ago to connect scholars from different academic fields but with similar questions to figure out the workshop demand on certain topics.
In the evening we have our regular PhD students regulars’ table where we not only engage in whining about our advisors but in debating current publications and academic discourses.
An ideal day in academia: working in the library, connecting with various people, debating academic and non-academic topics, emblazed with a nice bottle of Blauer Zweigelt.
Academia after all, that is.