I ran late for picking up GG at the airport. Additionally I got stuck in a traffic jam. The only chance I had to make it on time was a possible delay. And the chances were not too bad because of the bad weather condition.
Nevertheless, I rushed to the gate and made it in time for the announcement that the flight was delayed. In the crowed I spotted a student of mine, which hardly ever happens. I immediately knew that she was waiting for her ex-boyfriend – or again-boyfriend?- as he lives in the city where GG had spend the last couple of days. So we chatted for the next two hours until the machine finally finally arrived (oh this modern highway robbery at the airport parking meters). My student lives in my neighborhood, so I gave them a ride during the snowy night.

GG and I talked and talked and it is so nice to have her here. Like a small girls only pajama party. We just inflated the mattress (so loud! My crazy neighbor downstairs will surely post me a complaint note tomorrow morning. Le sigh.) and will go to bed so that we will make it in time to pick up her boyfriend JH from the airport tomorrow morning.