The last two days have been so dense and wonderful. Saturday morning GG and I spend hours on the breakfast table talking about politics and literature and life in general. She has an interesting job in a fascinating city. A year ago we had met each other for the first time when I visited her boyfriend JH, an old friend of mine.

We left a little bit too late for picking up JH at the airport, but his flight was delayed as well, so it did not matter. JH will spend a couple of weeks doing research in a neighboring country and it was impressive how small his luggage was. I have more luggage for my weekend trips.
We headed back home to my place and continued our breakfast for a couple of hours.
It was already early afternoon when we started the city tour. JH had visited me a couple of years ago and knows the city pretty well, but for GG it was the first time. We walked around the main sights and memorials. As soon as the sun set it really got cold and we went to one of my favorite places for eating out with visitors. We got local dishes and nice beer and almost did not want to leave and go back to the cold outside.
The next day we went to various galleries and museums and BD, a fellow doctoral student, joined us. We spend the evening in a chocolate coffee place my old neighborhood, drinking hot and sweet liquid felicity.