February 2007



I have not found time yet to write about the orthodontist appointment yesterday as I am disappointed about the print layouts I received and just so occupied in finding a solution. The text part looks great, but the figures and table are crappy. The person in charge just copied the sometimes crappy figures out of the word documents (which of course will look crappy). I told him that it looks not the way I-the editor-expected it to look like. He replied that he just cannot do figures and graphical stuff.
So? Who is then in charge of it??
He did not reply in the first email, and as I kept emailing about this point he said more or less that nobody is in charge of this. So I contacted the publisher and they said he is in charge of it.
Now I have someone who is in charge of it and at least said he is not capable. Great. So what am I paying for?

Now I am trying to find someone who can help me.

in My City.
I cannot describe how tired I am of the long-distance and commuting in our relationship. Oh well.

Anyway, I have an important doctoral appointment today. For years my teeth have started moving again. First I thought it would be silly to get braces again, but lately it started hurting regularly and there are some spots I cannot brush properly because they teeth have piled up. I have been thinking about making an appointment for years, but have postponed it with the same regularity. Always with a good excuse of course. However, I have decided to finally get it done this year. I have no clue how much they might charge, so today we will find out if I can afford it at all, as my health insurance will not cover anything (too old. great.).


rest. sleep.

Finally. Although it officially ended last week, I finally got all paper work done today, cleaning up my desk. Now I just need to wait for my students exam papers to arrive.

And to celebrate it I had breakfast with BD which I can label as a little thesis talk.  After getting work done in the office (cleaning up the desk and paper piles) I had coffee and cake with my colleague.

And now packing as I will spend the weekend with The Boyfriend in his city.

office. nothing spectacular.

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