I met KS at his hotel. It is always amusing to me to see him or any other class mates in their fine business suits and Italian leather boots looking all serious and grown-up when I just remember us spending all night drinking vodka and playing poker.

We had a lovely dinner and headed to a small place that offers delicious hot chocolate – and a few minutes after we arrived BD, PD and his wife entered the café as well, completely unexpected. Hasn’t happened a lot to me in the last months that I accidentally run into friends. A few minutes later, out of the blue, My Best Friend called on my mobile to ask where I was and joined us, together with a friend of his, later on.
Lots of laughter, lots of talking, and lots of good chocolate.
Now I need get some work done, before I meet KS again tonight. And I need to pack for my skiing trip as well, as I am leaving today.