Skiing was great! Lots and lots of snow, finally, as the city I am living in has not provided me with any so far. (As I am still undecided how anonymous I want this blog to be, I post no pictures at the moment.)

The Boyfriend and I went with his father, his brother and girlfriend, and stayed until today in a very cute little bed and breakfast place. The weather was great, the snow perfect, and luckily nobody got injured.
Nobody except The Boyfriend’s brother’s car, which was hit by another one on the parking lot. That stinker was trying to sneak away, but a witness made him at least leave his address. The witness waited for us and told us everything and gave us his address and ID as well, just in case. What a really nice guy!
You could hardly see the scratch, but The Boyfriend’s brother got really really upset about it and talked the whole evening about nothing else.

Besides that everything was great and I wish we had stayed longer.