(I hate making up interesting topics.)

Today the publishing company (where I will publish the proceedings from a small conference I organized a couple of months ago) contacted me. I have already handed in all articles, edited and proofread, some weeks ago. During this process I learned an important lessons: Lie to your authors. They never hand in their articles on time. So you should never ever tell them the _real deadline_ the publisher and you agreed upon. Make up a fake one some weeks in advance, telling them if they do not hand in their article on that precious day they will not be included in the book.

I wish I had been in the know before the _real_ deadline passed by.

Nah, we made it in time. But with breaking out in a sweat a couple of times.

Anyway, today the person who is in charge of the print layout contacted me and we discussed the procedure. I want the authors as well as me checking the page proof, and the book should be published before the next conference takes place. So far everything looks good, and I am looking forward to see the galley proof.