March 2007

the next week will be extremely busy, so much work to get done until we will travel abroad to visit my aunt and cousin.

i can finally chew again and it is fascinating to gain this competence again. in the beginning i was able to use my back teeth, and now my front teeth do not hurt anymore as well. chewing with your own teeth is such a treasure. take good care of them!


just another day at the office, the highlight was eating lunch at the cafeteria with BD and PD, exchanging graduate students complaints.

BD and I are going to meet for working on the publication. The publisher liked the outline, but wants a couple of minor changes. We have to figure out what we want to cover, as I like to organize the whole thing case-oriented. Lets see if that works out.

aka My City. Maybe I should figure out a system to label the various homes I have.

My parents are visiting a conference down south and on their way they are stopping at my my spouse’s parents for the first time. That should be fun, and I wish I could join them, but my attendance is required at the office.

i will go home for an extended weekend to join my mother’s birthday celebration-and to show everybody my braces. that should be fun. harhar.


and enjoying it even a bit.

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