how can one be so stupid?! The person-in-charge just sent me the print layouts and I almost started crying because the new figures still look crappy – until I realized that he had not changed them at all! So I called him and -although I was close to start screaming- told him that he had sent me the wrong file where he had not changed the figures and he said he did change them and I said he did not and he said he did and I said he did not and then FINALLY he logged himself of from his computer and looked at the print layouts at another computer and guess what: the figures are the old ones! oh wonder. I am still so furious I do not need a phone at all to talk to him, my screaming should be loud enough! This book costs me 1 1/2 monthly salaries and right now it is causing stomach problems day for day.
So he is sending in the new version soon. He promised.