April 2007


But tonight I am meeting The Best friend and Jule to play munchkin which should be a marvelous break.



This weekend I will stay here and work on my sampling strategy. Wednesday CD and PD will serve as my guinea pigs, so I really need to be ready by then.
The Boyfriend is staying in His City as he has a job interview next week and wants to prepare something in advance. He enjoys his current job, but they are reducing the working hours for all employees for an unlimited period of time, and there is zero chance of promotion as all positions are filled.
The job offer is in another city as well, but the travel time for me would stay the same. Lets see how the interview goes.

I remember that during our visit twelve years ago my mother’s cousin (who is not a son from the great uncle who passed away, but who immigrated to the same country decades ago) told us how difficult it had been to arrange something for his owns mother’s funeral from abroad years ago in the few days before the funeral was scheduled.

It’s 2007: My mother and I talk over the phone while we both are searching websites from flower shops, comparing pictures of arrangements. After we have made up our decision I call the flower shop, using a cheap foreign country call service. The owner is very sweet and helpful and gives me her private email address , so that I can send her the message and the long list of family names to be included without any spelling irritations (it is going to be a long list including all children and grandchildren from my maternal grandmother). At the end of the call I give her my credit card number, and everything is processed.
That simple nowadays.

So many memories are twirling around in my head. The last time I saw my great uncle was twelve years ago. So much time has passed by, but the memories are still so vivid.

I feel horrible for not having been in touch more often, and there is a postcard on my desk from the skiing trip that I wanted to send to him and my aunt, but I had not found time to write, and this little postcard adds a lot to my feelings of guild right now.

Twelve years is a long period of time. If only they were living closer nearby. I had thought about traveling abroad with The Boyfriend to visit them when I am finally done with this stupid PhD.

So many thoughts are twirling in my head right now.

of my great uncle, the brother of my maternal grandmother, who died yesterday at the age of 76 years.

The last oral exams for this semesters. It started troublesome with the professor, the second examiner, being absent and showing up 90 minutes late. He called his secretary regularly from the traffic jam to keep us updated were he was. At least he was going to show up at all, I told my student. Last time we both served as examiners in the same exam, he had forgotten that there was an exam scheduled at all and was not in or near the city. Luckily the student today knew this professor quite well from a couple of classes she had taken with him, and was completely relaxed. This exam went well and I was happy that this little undergraduate dealt so cool with the situation.

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