I am back from the trip, sitting at my table with the gorgeous view, having coffee before I need to leave for the office. I love this place in the morning.

The trip was really really nice, and my aunt was very happy to have us at her new place. The house is beautiful, and I find it much nicer than the old one (the one her ex-husband got after the divorce, but that is another story). She did a great job in painting and furnishing it, and I really loved the white leather couch from Italy, even if I would not buy one myself as I am good in spilling food and liquids.

We walked around the capital, but the weather was just nasty and so we regularly ended up in a cosy café or a restaurant with good food. On Easter Sunday we had brunch at the hotel my cousin is doing her apprenticeship which has a great sea view.

We really should visit each other more often. They do not live that far away, but the felt distance is bigger because it is another country. Maybe The Boyfriend and I will travel to one of the neighboring countries this summer and stop by on our trip.

Anyway, I have to focus on work again. Step one today will be to set up a to-do-list, as there is so much to organize. I handed in two papers and both got accepted. Now I really need to get a data sample, otherwise my presentations will be pure theory based. Plus one reason of sending in my proposals was to get enough pressure for working on my thesis.
PD and CD are volunteering for a test version of my sampling method.

Additionally I have to finish chapter one of the project with BD, prepare the oral exams of my students, and plan the course I am teaching next semester.

Sounds as if the next weeks will be busy.