I remember that during our visit twelve years ago my mother’s cousin (who is not a son from the great uncle who passed away, but who immigrated to the same country decades ago) told us how difficult it had been to arrange something for his owns mother’s funeral from abroad years ago in the few days before the funeral was scheduled.

It’s 2007: My mother and I talk over the phone while we both are searching websites from flower shops, comparing pictures of arrangements. After we have made up our decision I call the flower shop, using a cheap foreign country call service. The owner is very sweet and helpful and gives me her private email address , so that I can send her the message and the long list of family names to be included without any spelling irritations (it is going to be a long list including all children and grandchildren from my maternal grandmother). At the end of the call I give her my credit card number, and everything is processed.
That simple nowadays.