May 2007

class session. i am glad they had to work in small groups. i just wanted to curl on a chair and sleep.


more data. dreaming about coffee.

data collected. i am so tired. such a craving for coffee.

I will finally start collecting “real” data on Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Friday The Boyfriend and I will drive to The New City again to continue our apartment hunt. If only I was not that tired.

Yesterday we had a huge barbecue with The Boyfriend’s family. Today I am still stiffed from all the food – and it is already late afternoon. The Boyfriend has no appetite so far as well.

I still feel exhausted. One of the apartments was great, and it had two balconies, but they do not want couples with children at all.


So this is not going to work out.
The other one had wonderful high ceilings, but it is a little bit to expensive. Now off to The Boyfriend’s parents who will host a family barbecue tonight.

The Boyfriend picked me up at the train station in The New City. During the day we drove about 200 miles in The New City to look at 15 apartments, fell in love with two of them. Now we are back in His City and I am exhausted and just want to sleep…

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