On Friday I picked AM & JM up at the airport and drove them to their hotel so they could get some rest. Then I headed back home where my parents had already arrived to pick them up. My parents had met AM & JM the summer of 2003 when they toured the country and it was so nice that they connected so easily.

We drove back to the hotel and strolled around the surrounding sights for hours before we went home to my apartment where my Mom and I cooked asparagus. A wonderful evening with delicious food and wine and lots of laughter.

The next day we explored the city and great food before my parents had to leave.
AM & JM and I went to our favorite place by the river and had more asparagus and beer and wine.

Sunday we attended mass as I always join them when we are traveling together or visiting each other although I am not Catholic. After mass I had to drive them back to the airport.
And suddenly the visit was over. What a short but wonderful weekend!

The rest of the day I did the dishes and slept. My apartment feels so empty again.
If only our countries were closer to each other so visiting would not be that difficult and expensive.