Class went well. So did The Boyfriend’s interview last week: he got a great job offer in The New City. And this week he had another interview in the same city for a different position where he just received an offer as well. Now he can choose which one to take. He has already made up his decision, and signing the contract will just be a bureaucratic procedure – whereas the move will not. I really got attached to His City. The distance between My City and The New City is almost the same, just a little bit more. The advantage-and that is the reason why we decided in favor of The New City- is the fact that it is closer by to My Hometown. The Boyfriend would love to stay in His City as well, as it is just a few miles from His Hometownvillage, but the market for the kind of jobs he would like to apply is not that promising in His City.

Oh well. So this weekend we will spend with apartment hunting. And the weather is going to be hot.