June 2007

The workshop starts today. Maybe I will see some familiar faces. Should be fun.


i really need improvements regarding my data sampling strategy.



Back in My City. It was just so nice to be with my parents. Why am I doing all this, following pressure I built up on myself? Why don’t I just stay home until I feel strong enough again?

Next weekend I will attend a workshop which should be helpful in working with my data. And I definitely need to work with them because I am going to present papers on two conferences. The one in two weeks will be more a work-in-progress conference, and I do not need polished results as the emphasis is more on my way of gathering data. The second in a couple of weeks however requires good results. Oy.

And I really really really need to get my taxes done.

Off to The New City, signing the lease, organizing the renovation. We are going to spend the first night in the new apartment. So much to organize. We need to buy a kitchen. On Saturday The Boyfriend will drive back to His City, and I will drive to visit my parents where I will spend two days.


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