August 2007

Back in My City. The last three weeks were helpful in the healing process. The weeks before I had just functioned like a robot, doing what was necessary. During the break I finally gained the capability of thinking again.

Two of the three weeks I used to catch up with work. I finished the publication, edited DSK’s doctoral thesis, and worked on mine. Especially on the data. Now I just need to finish the paper for the conference that takes place in a week. This is the task for this week.

The last week of our vacation The Boyfriend and I did all the sort of things that months ago we had planned to do during the three weeks: visiting both his and my family, staying at each place for a couple of days to go sailing, hiking, on bike trips, to cafés, book stores and so on.

Part of the plan had included to spend time with my grandmother as well. It still hurts so much.


I have cleaned my desk at work, answered all emails. Now I am leaving My City for three weeks, being officially on vacation which I will spend at The New City.

Every cell in my body is longing for this break.