September 2007

everything should be ready for our conference which will start later today. hopefully this time it will be not such a mess. i wish my boss would realize that it would be really really useful if we sit together and do the planning in a group, deciding and delegating responsibilities among us (and please before the conference starts!). i hatehatehate the current strategy which can be described by “who is around when the task pops up is responsible”. no planning. no project management. i tried to convince her, made a to-do-list. however, this is not her work style. and she is the boss. let’s see how it turns out this time.


article handed in on time. does this mean i am a grown-up now?

as we are organizing a conference ourselves this week is filled with preparations. plus PD and i have a deadline for a small article on friday.

the conference was alright, some presentations were really inspiring. i really need to get my thesis done.

right now i am in The New City, leaving tomorrow for a day at the office, and then heading home to my parents to spend the weekend celebrating my father’s birthday. my mom plans a small surprise eating lunch out with two of their closest friends, my sister, nephew, The Boyfriend and me.

Poster is done, presentation as well, train and hotel room booked. Now off to the conference.

The conference was really really nice. My presentation was alright, but I could have performed better. But I got really nice comments later on, and two very valuable face-to-face discussions arose out of my presentation in the continuing days.

I just need these exchanges between researchers and I love to hear about completely different topics. For me this is such an important part of academia. If only at my office we would engage more in those discussions.

The two additional days were nice. I enjoyed hanging out in the city where the conference took place, wandering around, drinking coffee, eating ice cream, enjoying some sun.

On Friday I am leaving for the next conference where PD and I will present a poster – and setting it up content and design wise is the main task for this week.

Off to the conference, combined with two free days for myself. I have not been to the country where the conference takes place, and I am really looking forward to it.
Hopefully everything will work out fine.