October 2007

Friday pumpkin soup with BC and Jule and some munchkin playing, Saturday birthday party of The Boyfriend’s FiancéÄs  friend in even another city, staying overnight at The Fiancé’s parents’ house, Sunday lunch and coffee with his family before heading home to The New City.


We decided to get married!

vacation is over. it was too short, as usual.
but i am filled with love and happiness.

as an addendum
the number of participants is higher than expected as quite a few could not preregister. great. plus nobody from my working group either can or wants to teach this class, my boss does not want to as well. and she is not boss-y enough to demand it from someone. great. the only solution is that i teach this class, split into two sections. unfortunately they cannot be split evenly. so i might turn out with one smaller group around 30 and one still with 60. wonderful. this will be such a horrible semester. and i really have had hopes for the progress of my thesis.

not anymore.

work group meeting with BD and PD. the plan is to meet once a week, each of us has two weeks in a row to present our actual work (in progress), questions, problems, and so on. we really need to get our thesis done.

and now off for a short trip, The Boyfriend’s and my annual autumn trip, always to the same island, to the same village. reading, eating lots of good fish, hiking.

i really really need this break. this semester will be tough!

i feel so exhausted. the air in my class was gone after three minutes. i have no clue how this class should turn into a great class at all, where i can work with them together.

what a nightmare both for the students who have to sit in such a big class and for me as well.

i met with PD and BD to discuss our further plans. either we would stop or we really have to sit down, do our homework, and meet on a regular basis.

but all i could think was the first class session on thursday. and still no solution. my colleague cannot teach another class, and my boss does not want to. so i might end up splitting it into two classes, but still…the number does not get lower.

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