the week had started so perfectly. i woke up after a good long restful sleep. had a delicious breakfast with time to read the newspaper. all my preparations for the class i am teaching this semester (second year students) are done. i came happily into the office. during the morning my boss asked if i had already taken a look at the number of preregistrations, which i had not. so we did it cheerfully together, as she had not looked at her participant lists as well – and oh shock! oh horror! i have 72 students who have registered for my class so far. SEVENTY TWO!

i can throw all my planning into the garbage can. this will turn into a lecture. i have no clue what to do right now. and my boss is not really helpful as well.

and i am not even thinking about proof reading and correcting papers and so on but about the weekly classes.

even the room is way too small. i have no idea what to do at this moment.