the weekend with AB was really really good. we talked a lot and i told her everything about my job and my thesis and my fears and unhappiness and possible solutions. i have not found the right solution yet, but talking with her helped me untie some of those knots.

i wish she lived nearby.

the phone line in our apartment is broken, so i cannot reach The Fiancé or will be able to work online while i am staying at our apartment. that is such a pain in the neck. and the hotline is not really helpful. hopefully they will have repaired it within the next couples of days.

and i sucked as a teacher again. while the morning class really works nicely, the huge crowd in the afternoon did not. i wish i had a solution. it is just so frustrating.

next week i have the opportunity to present my own thesis project to a group of researchers at another university to ask for comments and advice. however, i need to get definitely some reading done, because i have not really worked on my thesis since – what – august?