On Friday we sent our wedding announcement to our families. My parents called the next day. My future brother-in-law called the next day. My Best Friend called the next day. My sister called the next day. They all had received it. Only my future parents in law did not call. So we called them, not mentioning anything. They did not mention anything.

Maybe they had not checked their mail box? But on Sunday they would, after church.

No call on Sunday.

Alright, the mail might take a day longer.

No call on Monday.

We called on Monday, The Fiancé said he was expecting mail to be sent to their address, had anything shown up in the mail box? No, no mail for him.

Tuesday: no call.

In the evening his brother called, telling us that their parents were a bit irritated that we did not send them a card. They did not say anything to us on the phone, but they knew from his brother about our plan to get married, and wondered why there was no card for them. On Saturday they assumed that their mail might need one more day and would arrive on Monday. On Monday they wondered why there was no card, but assumed it might arrive on Tuesday. But when there was no mail on Tuesday as well, they became irritated.

We called and told them that we had in fact sent them a card. It finally arrived Wednesday.