No internet at our apartment yet, and so sign that the company is working on solving the problem.

Y needs help with her master thesis. I have read what she has written so far, and returned it to her with one single question: what is your research question? Why, oh why, did she not hand it to me earlier as I had begged her to do? I told her that she needs to figure out what she is focusing in the beginning before she writes pages and pages that are not connected with each other! Now we have about three weeks to turn this into a properly structured thesis. And why oh why does her advisor not care? She told her just to hand it in, and she did not dare to molest her with further questions. Now we have 80 pages that need to be restructured to a research question that we still need to figure out.

Oh advisors! Be more aware of your responsibilities!

So how do I restructure my monster class of 60 students? s-i-x-t-y. not all show up each week, which is an additional burden, because they do not know what we have covered the week they were missing. If we had just split them up into three classes in the beginning. if if if. At least the interaction in the “small” (30 students) morning class gives me good feedback.

And so much paper work requires running from pillar to post. Nevertheless: the date is set. Not the 31st, as I wanted, but the 27th.

In almost three weeks we will get married.

Now we need to solve the question of what to wear and where to go for lunch after the ceremony.