The first week without classes is over and I have been busy working on those piles of tasks and deadlines that have accumulated.
So far I have handed in a contribution for a booklet. It will not be an academic outstanding item on my publication list but I am paid for it and having received my first pay slip after announcing my marriage and the change of wage tax classification [which causes that I earn less, a topic for itself] I desperately need the money.

Besides the publication I did the second part of a workshop, substituting for my again sick colleague (paid as well.). I made some suggestions for other workshops and maybe they might hire me again next semester.

I finished a book review which will be published (and it sounds way nicer than I had intended at the beginning).

Having worked off most of the tasks, my plan is to sit down and consider my next steps in writing my thesis. I really really really need to get it done. If only I was not receiving the first of the to be expected 93 papers of my students. And inside I am still grumbling with myself how the afternoon session worked out, wondering and knowing what I could have done better. That was definitely not my best semester.
But enough of last semester! It is semester break and I want to use the time for writing the first chapter. In one week I have to hand in the draft for discussion with PD and BD. Oh, and I had to present my state-of-the-thesis (and my research question and way how to answer it) to my colleagues and my thesis advisor at the beginning of the month. Not that I had gotten done anything since September, but they were so not up to date with my work that it was no problem in presenting something. Anyway, I have not found time to think about their comments nor figuring out which of them is useful and which useless.

Tomorrow morning I will finish the four-page summary for the above mentioned booklet, thinking about some nice visualization, and in the afternoon I am finally finally turning towards my dear thesis. If that does not sound like a good start of the week I do not know.