March 2008

When I came back from My City Thursday late at night, I was looking forward to twelve days of delving into my thesis again. The meeting with PD and BD was alright. They gave useful feedback on my first chapter. My goal is to finish this and the second chapter until the end of April. Both explain the background of my thesis project. After they are written I can focus on the crucial chapter (aka _my_ contribution/suggestion to the academic discourse) which needs lost of reading and thinking before I can even consider writing it nor setting up my empirical study. (I should have written chapter one and two years ago. What have I done with my time?)

Thursday had been very productive: I met with twelve of my students to discuss their final papers and grades. After I told three of them (who had worked on a group project two semesters ago) that their project was missing a precise question and a clear structure, they started a little nasty argument while sitting in my office (Your fault. No, your fault). Two of them were not on speaking terms anymore when they came to my office hour. I waived it off, wondering if I been promoted to teach Kindergarden classes.

Anyway, Friday I felt nauseatic and could not concentrate at all. I fall asleep early evening.

Ok, but now I am sitting at my desk, looking forward to read, think, and write!


I have finished the first section of the first chapter and mailed it to PD and BD!
I know that it is just the beginning, especially as this chapter is only “The Background And Reason Why I Research What I Am Researching” and there is still a looooong way to go, but I am happy nonetheless. In my head I have known for ages what the first chapter is supposed to look like, but transforming all my thoughts and the literature into a piece that is enjoyable to read is still another pair of shoes.
My goal is to get this whole first chapter done in March-so far I have planned four other sections. That should be manageable.
And than, starting in April, the hard work-my very own project-has to make progress. And I really really need to read a lot before the second chapter will get any shape.
Anyhow, I am glad that I finally see some progress-and when I read it once more after a break before I mailed it, I actually liked it.
Maybe the wine with which I regard myself for this accomplishment made me less rigid with myself.

I have to drive to My City tomorrow, read and grade and give oral feedback. Again an interruption. Luckily I can show up later at the office which means that I do not need to get up at 4.30 like I had to during the semester. Ah, I might reward myself with a second glass of wine. To the first section!

First accomplishment of this month: I need to restructure chapter one.
Formerly section 2 has to move in front of formerly section 1. However, formerly section 2 is not written at all and I bet there are even some papers out in the universe which should be covered and therefore read first before I can write this section. Unfortunately (and luckily, as I need this peer pressure), I need to hand out a draft on Tuesday-and with all this restructuring it makes no sense for PD and BD to read them in a reverse order.

Nightshifter, I hear your calling.