April 2008

Some months ago my orthodontist suggested a lower jar osteotomy, but I decided against it. I did not even start googling what the procedure looks like nor did I meet with the surgeon he recommended. I am not here for cosmetic surgery, I just want to have straight teeth again (and stop them for starting moving again, please).
Anyway, for some reason he decided to add two additional brackets. I was a good girl and did not eat anything for hours (which is nonsense, as I would be able to eat immediately after leaving his …). In the evening I met with BC and his parents at a nice vegetarian restaurant. We ordered some starters, and when I did my first bite into some nice soft cheese, I heard a harsh noise inside my mouth – one of the brackets broke of.
I went back the next day to have it glued back again. Annoying.


And I feel like the fool today. At least when I read what I have composed during the last days. Getting the chapter done during March? Only a fool could have thought about a plan like this.

Well, I got it done – or lets say a still very rough version of it – but only because I restructured the chapter in the writing process and split it into two (so, yay, the second chapter has already two sections that are written.). The first chapter still needs lots and lots of fine work and as it is the crucial part which explains why my thesis is important I really have to get more precise and specific before I can even think about smoothing out any edges. And that requires some more reading.
Anyway: I emailed it to PD and BD and will receive their feedback on Thursday.

So, what happened to March that the month went by unnoticed? I am flipping through my planner and have no explanations for it. I even did not join the NewlyWedToMeHusband on our annual skiing trip because I was not feeling well and the doctor told me to stay home. Which I did. The NewlyWedToMeHusband wanted to stay with me, but I insisted that he should go. I stayed for almost a week with my parents and enjoyed it a lot. And to be honest: after commuting each week between My City and Our City I was not really looking forward to drive a couple of hours by car just to ski down the mountains for three days.

Besides that I finished a literature review to be published, graded some final papers, handed in an outline for a book chapter about topic C (and was smart enough to add that I would hand in the chapter by May, so I have about six weeks. The fool in me wanted to suggest to hand it in by April. Silly fool. When should we write this chapter?) – and just when I pushed the “send” button I received an email where I was asked if I want to write an article for a book about topic C (which will be my third article on the same subject, maybe I should print a shirt stating Topic C Expert).

Around Easter we went to visit my parents for my mother’s birthday. And now it is already April. And I have to head back to My City tomorrow for grading papers. Lots of papers.