August 2008

is when your boss textmessages you (hardly ever happens at all!) to tell you to please check your email where you will be surprised with an email containing work (not much, but still.)

next time i tell her i will be on an island without internet access.


finally … four weeks of office-free time, 30 days to be exact (and my thesis advisor left for her vacation a week ago, so it is five advisor-free weeks in total, and only two students showed up for my office hour last week, and there were only a few student-related things to do in office, so it felt a little bit like only-thesis-time, which was nice as well…). Vacation – huzzah. And were do I spend the first day of my vacation? In the office, that’s right (where I spent the complete last week, alternating between library one (most of my resources), but no air condition, office (cooler, but the “danger of distraction” through other PhD students stopping by for a nice chat, my students etc.) and another library (air-condition. So cool! so nice!)). I really got a lot of stuff done for my thesis, but there is still so much to do before I can set up the empirical study. And this has to happen soon, as I have to finish my PhD.