Of course I did not even touch the book chapter yesterday evening – at 8 I was so tired that I even did not succeed in fulfilling my good intentions to go to the gym. And I did not get half the reading done because I was flipping back and forth between different topics. This morning I am back at the thesis and struggling if my idea makes sense at all. So far I have

  1. An introduction – which will be rewritten when the whole thing is complete
  2. A chapter about the background and reason of my thesis which covers two of the main academic constructs that I am dealing with – way too long, needs some polishing
  3. A chapter that breaks that narrows down my research question and informs about research that has been done in that field – needs some polishing and I need to cover three books that I have not read yet
  4. The structure of a chapter that is supposed the theoretical framework of my empirical study – and my problem child. Instead of reading and writing I constantly worry if the structure and topics I want to cover make sense and if they are connected the way I think.
  5. An unwritten chapter of my study
  6. An unwritten chapter of the conclusion

So, the goal for today: write about the third construct that I cover in chapter 4. Tomorrow sum up what I need about this construct from empirical data.

And go to the gym today – your back needs it!