The Husband is on a eight-days-school trip and i am spending the time in My City, enjoying the time for myself. there is so much on my to do list for my thesis. but where did last week go? and what did i get done?  i wasted two wonderful work days at home, because i got new windows. it was cold, and i was tired, and just wanted to curl on my bed and sleep, which i was not able to do because there was construction going on. i cleaned the apartment on the first day after they left, and the second after they finally finally left, and once more on the third day. now all is nice and clean – except the walls which need to be repapered.  and painted. i assume this will cost me two additional days. but i really really want to get done with my questionnaire this month. and there are still so many studies that i need to read.

nonetheless, i just handed in the book chapterlet – finally. so glad. and the next deadlines are in six – no, four – what FOUR?! weeks. oy. i just realized it while typing. so many books are piling up and i have no idea where to start.

i would love to leave the office and drive home, but i am sure that i would just cuddle in my bed and drink tea and do nothing, and the deadlines are coming closer. so i force myself to stay here until 6pm and start the first of the two compendium articles, which luckily covers exactly the same topic than the book chapterlet did. at least no additional reading for that one.