The workshop in Small City Abroad was such a nice event.
I had been invited to give a talk, and I felt so honored just to get invited. The day before my departure I had to teach my class and finally handed in the second compendium article which was such a relief. So besides my thesis there are no skeletons in my closet, at least right now. (If only…)

I spent the evening preparing the talk and the slides, just halted by meeting My Best Friend and his parents at a nice little vegetarian restaurant. A break I definitely needed, besides the fact that there was no food in my apartment –  I just had arrived that day, was planning to leave the next morning to Small City Abroad, and would return to Our City. As usual before a flight I did not sleep very much, prepared my talk, packed my stuff.

The flight itself was alright, not as bouncy as I had expected although it was windy. I took a cab to the hotel, went through my notes again and took a long nice nap. In the evening I met two faculty members who took my out to dinner. It was a really nice evening and I enjoyed the conversation a lot.

The talk took place the next day, altogether there were four presentations dealing with similar topics. My talk was supposed to illustrate the situation in my country; and the audience was nice and raised questions. The presented projects were interesting, and I wished we had more time for discussion but the time flew by so quickly.

After lunch the workshop was over, and I went back to the hotel, dropped off my bags and went into town. Eleven years ago, when long-time-ago boyfriend and I had toured this country for two weeks, we had been in Small City Abroad, but I was not really able to remember it. At one corner I suddenly had a déjá-vu but who knows if my brain just not played a trick on me.

I went to a bookstore where I spent hours, unable to decide which books not to buy. Finally I reduced my hunt to five, and returned back to the hotel, completely happy. I spent the evening on the bed, drinking a beer, and reading the newly purchased Elisabeth George (“Careless in Red”) until midnight. I love it. A year ago I had read  “What Came Before He Shot Her” which was good as well, but each page I more or less unconsciously waited for Lynley and Havers to appear. Anyway, by now I am done with the book and as usually I did not immediately knew who the murderer was, that’s why I love her crime novels.

The next day I spent strolling around the streets, and finally made it to the cinema where I watched “W”, together with some hot chocolate and something equivalent to a lemon meringue pie.

I left the next morning really early, arriving in My City, taking the train to Our City, exhausted and happy. It was a wonderful trip, and I am grateful for the invitation and the additional free time which I used to recharge my inner batteries. And hopefully the exchange will continue, maybe leading into a project. Lets see.

Now November is almost over. My class is a nice and small one, but a lot of them are lazy and do not get their stuff done in time.

Today would have been my grandmother’s birthday. Can’t believe that already 1 1/2 years have passed since she passed away.