April 2009

Milchgeld. Kommissar Kluftingers großer Fall by Volker Klüpfel and Michael Kobr

Published by Piper in 2005, 310 pages

My mother received this one as a present, and lent it to me. It stood in the book shelf for quite some while and I had completely forgotten about its existence. When I went to City In Other County at the beginning of March to babysit for a friend of mine (who had to work there for two days), I took it with me as travel lecture.

Maybe my subconsciousness had not been attracted to the book due to its title (“Milk money”) or because it was not a Swedish/Danish detective story nor Elizabeth George – but it was so wrong! I was immediately drawn to it and finished it in two days.

Commissar Kluftinger lives in the Allgaeu region and is very down-to-earth but appears as an odd fish. A homicide takes place and he has to solve it. Throughout the book the authors describe both the region and Kluftinger’s sometimes clumsy character – and I had to laugh and giggle so often that I really hope they are going to write a second book.

The first three sentences:


Kluftinger sprach den Fluch nicht laut aus, er dachte ihn nur. Seine Frau hasste es, wenn er fluchte und alles, was er mit einem laut ausgeprochenen Fluch bewirkt hätte, wäre einer ihrer Vorträge gewesen. “Ein Kommissar sollte sich in seiner Ausdrucksweise wohl von denen abheben, hinter denen er beruflich her ist”, würde sie dann wieder sagen.”


I worked for some hours on the thesis. I deleted two paragraphs, shifted the order of two others around, and started reading a book that I need to cover.

Coming back to my chapter overview from day 2 of the MMAP:

1. Introducing the chapter – written in a way I could give it away for comments. However, the order of the following chapters is not granted – revised
2. *NEW* section inserted today, like a little prologue – needs to be written – shifted to the previous chapter
3. Section
Short Intro, I know what I want to show in this chapter, but the way is just so foggy right now
3a subsection – structured today
3b subsection – needs to be edited
3c subsection – should maybe integrated into 3a. But then 3a might need to be changed back to become 3b.
4. Section
Needs to be edited and needs more substance – started editing
5. Section
Lets not talk about that one
6. Conclusion

Enough hay fever whining. I started to take double the amount of medicine as indicated, and bought a different nasal spray. It helped. When I woke up I felt rested and not beaten up like the last days, and The Husband said that during the night I breathed normally.

So I spend a huge amount of time working on my thesis. I did not produce too much new text, but shifted around some paragraphs, had a small melt-down in which I thought about deleting it all and picking a new topic. That would be so nice. Just having some data, do some calculations in SPSS, write an intro and a conclusion and be done (because my new topic would be like that, of course).

Despite the medicine my hay fever got worse and I spent the whole day sneezing and suffering – although I did not leave the apartment nor opened the windows. Nothing helped until late in the afternoon when I was so exhausted that I decided to call it a lost day regarding thesis and paper. Additionally I spent quite some time calling various times a doctor in My City and a doctor in Our City who was supposed to send a file to the first one but instead of sending a fax on Friday (as asked) decided to send it via snail mail (and I am pretty sure it was not mailed until this very morning). So more waiting and being distracted from my precious academic work.

And even the movie last night did not reconcile me with the day.

I like the idea of listing the books I read for pleasure (and I am so behind in posting them), especially as the New Year Meme made me realize how fast I forget when I read which book. I think Lila once wrote that she jots down a comment inside the back of the book jacket, together with the date she read it. Maybe I will start that as well.

Anyway – I am expanding to cover the movies I have seen, too. Not the weekly murder’s mystery show, but the cinematic ones.

Last weekend we watched “Die Spielwütigen” (“Addicted to Acting”), a documentary which was released in 2004. During the period of seven years the director Andres Veiel follows four young people who – in order to become actors – apply to the Ernst Busch Academy in Berlin. While watching we follow them through their education, see a glimpse on their family background, get a sense of their up and downs, and their growing-up.

I had wanted to watch it for a very long time and was happy that The Husband’s colleague had recorded it when it was aired on TV and lent us the DVD. I really enjoyed it and wished it would have been longer, covering more, deepen certain aspects – on the other hand, however, it did not expose the four too much. And that’s something I appreciated. With all the self-exposure one is used (especially through reading blogs and blogging oneself), it was a nice change that not everything was revealed.

My hay fever got worse, despite the medicine I am taking for a while. The first couple of hours I sat at my desk just sneezing. At least I could staple, punch, and file articles I had ordered.

Finally it became better and I worked on my thesis, deleting three paragraphs, shifting a section, and wishing to have more energy.

Nothing. I cleaned my desk, I went grocery shopping, I did the laundry, I answered emails. I needed a break.

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