My biggest problem while working on my thesis is the lack of a long, steadily period of time where I work and think about nothing else but my thesis. In lieu thereof I engage in my teaching, work on other little publication projects, and of course am employed and have to do work at the office as well. I have lost so much energy due to always having to acquaint myself again with my thesis after those breaks.
Identifying the problem is the first step, solving it is another. So I decided to work on my thesis every day, and if it is just for a mere of 15 minutes in which I write or delete a sentence.
I started April 1st, and except last Sunday when The Husband and I drove back from My City (where we had stayed for a couple of days) to Our City (and I was completely exhausted after the drive) and last Thursday when I had to work at the office and spent the afternoon and evening with dear friends from abroad I have stuck with my plan.

When I read Sisyphus’ marvellous idea I immediately joined them. My goal is to finish The Chapter in a way I can give it to my thesis advisor AND – as I have a paper accepted that is linked to my teaching this semester which will start next week – outline that paper and finish organizing that class.

So, good girl that I am I obviously wanted to continue my goal yesterday. However, the update of my OS seemed to have broken my settings (I work with LaTeX, using Kile as the environment, and JabRef as my reference manager). It was devastating: suddenly my code would not compile anymore, although I had not changed a single line. The wonderful My Best Friend helped me, but it took a while, mostly because I was exhausted from sneezing (hay fever) and crying (I just want a working system. If I want to have troubles, I could have decided to write the thesis in Word, right?). So, while I did not work on The Chapter itself, I now have an updated OS, am using a newer source package, and my code compiles.