As I am often working late, it is easier to summarize my MMAP-participation the following day.
Yesterday started with grocery shopping and apartment cleaning. The afternoon was spent sneezing and taking a nap due to being exhausted from hay fever.
In the evening, finally, I worked on my precious little chapter, changing section order, setting up a new section. The real problem – besides from needing to read more in order to write it – is the problem how to outline it. I know what I want to show, but I am not sure of the order.

Chapter status so far
1. Introducing the chapter – written in a way I could give it away for comments. However, the order of the following chapters is not granted
2. *NEW* section inserted today, like a little prologue – needs to be written
3. Section
Short Intro, I know what I want to show in this chapter, but the way is just so foggy right now
3a subsection – structured today
3b subsection – needs to be edited
3c subsection – should maybe integrated into 3a. But then 3a might need to be changed back to become 3b.
4. Section
Needs to be edited and needs more substance
5. Section
Lets not talk about that one
6. Conclusion

Article status so far
Not even looked at it today