Yesterday was just a perfect day – The Husband and I had invited our parents and his brother & girlfriend to our apartment for Easter.
The living room is too small for a large enough table, so we decided to host it in “The retral room” which is used as a library and storage room so far. We moved the kitchen table and The Husband’s desk to that room – and they had about the same hight and width, so that -while covered with my family’s linen table cloth- you could not detect it being two tables immediately. We used our nice and old gold rim porcelain and the family silver, and decorated the table with some daffodils and a chocolate bunny from Lindt for each of them. The sun was shining bright and lit the room just beautifully.

We served leg of lamb which I had marinated the evening before, and roasted for hours in a terracotta pot in the oven. Actually we served two legs of lamb: I had ordered one from the shop where we had bought our Christmas goose as well. As we had been so pleased with the taste of the goose, we decided to buy the leg of lamb (from Ireland) there as well, despite it being double as expensive as the New Zealand one at out butcher. When it was delivered, however, it looked so small that The Husband bought a small one at our butcher, just to make sure no one would leave our house starving.
I had bought potatoes at our farmer’s market, and we served green beens. It was just such a delicious meal, and everyone loved the taste of the potatoes. And the leg lamb as well, of course. (And which tastes better – the cheaper or the expensive one? Well, we only needed one (and are going the eat the second one today) and handed out little -“ok, but at least try the second one for comparison”-bites – and there was not such a remarkable difference.)

Afterwards we went on a nice walk in the park nearby, and my medicine was working very well so that I could admire the blossoming trees and flowers (but not smelling their nice smell)

Afterwards we had fresh self made plaited yeast bun with raisins, still warm from the oven, and butter on top, self made blueberry sponge cake, and streusel cake and almond cake from the bakery nearby.

And the best of all? The laughter and talking and joy. It was really a wonderful day with out family, just as intended.

Well, by listening all the food I was hoping you might have forgotten to expect some MMAP progress 🙂 And of course there was not that much yesterday. But I looked at the thesis and set up a file for the paper in which I copied all I have written for it so far.