I like the idea of listing the books I read for pleasure (and I am so behind in posting them), especially as the New Year Meme made me realize how fast I forget when I read which book. I think Lila once wrote that she jots down a comment inside the back of the book jacket, together with the date she read it. Maybe I will start that as well.

Anyway – I am expanding to cover the movies I have seen, too. Not the weekly murder’s mystery show, but the cinematic ones.

Last weekend we watched “Die Spielwütigen” (“Addicted to Acting”), a documentary which was released in 2004. During the period of seven years the director Andres Veiel follows four young people who – in order to become actors – apply to the Ernst Busch Academy in Berlin. While watching we follow them through their education, see a glimpse on their family background, get a sense of their up and downs, and their growing-up.

I had wanted to watch it for a very long time and was happy that The Husband’s colleague had recorded it when it was aired on TV and lent us the DVD. I really enjoyed it and wished it would have been longer, covering more, deepen certain aspects – on the other hand, however, it did not expose the four too much. And that’s something I appreciated. With all the self-exposure one is used (especially through reading blogs and blogging oneself), it was a nice change that not everything was revealed.