I worked for some hours on the thesis. I deleted two paragraphs, shifted the order of two others around, and started reading a book that I need to cover.

Coming back to my chapter overview from day 2 of the MMAP:

1. Introducing the chapter – written in a way I could give it away for comments. However, the order of the following chapters is not granted – revised
2. *NEW* section inserted today, like a little prologue – needs to be written – shifted to the previous chapter
3. Section
Short Intro, I know what I want to show in this chapter, but the way is just so foggy right now
3a subsection – structured today
3b subsection – needs to be edited
3c subsection – should maybe integrated into 3a. But then 3a might need to be changed back to become 3b.
4. Section
Needs to be edited and needs more substance – started editing
5. Section
Lets not talk about that one
6. Conclusion