Milchgeld. Kommissar Kluftingers großer Fall by Volker Klüpfel and Michael Kobr

Published by Piper in 2005, 310 pages

My mother received this one as a present, and lent it to me. It stood in the book shelf for quite some while and I had completely forgotten about its existence. When I went to City In Other County at the beginning of March to babysit for a friend of mine (who had to work there for two days), I took it with me as travel lecture.

Maybe my subconsciousness had not been attracted to the book due to its title (“Milk money”) or because it was not a Swedish/Danish detective story nor Elizabeth George – but it was so wrong! I was immediately drawn to it and finished it in two days.

Commissar Kluftinger lives in the Allgaeu region and is very down-to-earth but appears as an odd fish. A homicide takes place and he has to solve it. Throughout the book the authors describe both the region and Kluftinger’s sometimes clumsy character – and I had to laugh and giggle so often that I really hope they are going to write a second book.

The first three sentences:


Kluftinger sprach den Fluch nicht laut aus, er dachte ihn nur. Seine Frau hasste es, wenn er fluchte und alles, was er mit einem laut ausgeprochenen Fluch bewirkt hätte, wäre einer ihrer Vorträge gewesen. “Ein Kommissar sollte sich in seiner Ausdrucksweise wohl von denen abheben, hinter denen er beruflich her ist”, würde sie dann wieder sagen.”