For more than a week the MMAP is over. I did not finish either the chapter nor the paper, but I did work on it continuously (if we forget about the days hay fever just knocked me out).
This project had another side effect: I befriended my often neglected blog again. I went through all articles I had written since January 2007 and it was interesting to read them and remember the events, the struggles with my thesis that I wrote about. I publish different things than I write in my diary, and it was interesting to read this point of view.
I finally set up different categories and have labeled all articles accordingly. Most of the private-set ones are now public, just five are still not accessible. And – being not found of inventing catchy titles all the time – I finally decided to use the article number as the permalink. But this decision hold a surprise: whereas the articles in 2007 are almost in the right order (7,8,9,etc.), there are gaps in 2008 and even higher ones in 2009. Hard to stand for a pedant like me who loves structure 😉 I still have not figured out why the system does not label them in a x+1-order, but whatever.

Thank you, Sisyphus, for starting the MMAP project!