Patricia Cornwell: The Front.
Published in 2008 by sphere, 228 pages

I bought this book at the train station back in March when I babysat for a friend. I had picked it very quickly, and my decision was based on the facts that it was in English and that I like the Scarpetta novels. I was not aware of the fact that Cornwell has a new series starring state investigator Win Garano. Therefor I experienced a similar feeling while reading “What came before he shot her” by Elizabeth George – I was waiting for Scarpetta (in George’s book for Lynley and Havers) to show up.

I more or less inhaled the book in one evening while the baby was soundly asleep (finally!). I cannot really recall the story in details, just that somehow I was disappointed when I was done (maybe it was just a bit too much going on in the storyline) – I prefer the Scarpetta novels, but I guess I have to get used to Garano.

The first three sentences:

“Win Garano set two lattes on a picnic table in front of the John F. Kennedy School of Government. It’s a sunny afternoon, mid-May, and Harvard Square is crowded. He straddles a bench, overdressed and sweaty in a black Armani suit and black patent-leather Prada shoes, pretty sure the original owner of them is dead.”