“A Great Delieverance” by Elizabeth George

Special edition published in 2006 by Goldmann: “Gott schütze dieses Haus” and “Mein ist die Rache”, 478 pages, translated by Mechtild Sandberg-Ciletti

At the end of March The Husband and I went to visit my parents to celebrate my mother’s birthday. After “Careless in Red” I was in the mood to read the first novels by Elizabeth George again, and so I took the first two ones with me to My City.

I do not know how to express it in a better way, but they are just fantastic. Whenever I start reading one of her books, I cannot really put it down because I am absorbed by the story. What better compliment can I make?

I guess it took me about two days to finish the first book this time, and it was really nice to read the beginning of the series again. I read my first Elizabeth George on a plane – either on my first or my second journey to visit my relatives downunder. She has become my measurement for good crime novels.

The first three sentences:

“Es war ein Fauxpas schlimmster Art. Er nieste der Frau mitten ins Gesicht, laut, nass, absolut unverzeihlich. Eine Dreiviertelstunde hatte er das Niesen zurückgehalten, dagegen gekämpft, als handele es sich um Henry Tudors Streitmacht bei der Schlacht von Bosworth.”