Time goes by so quickly. Horrifying.
So how have I been, how is my thesis?
Well, the thesis. I actually did work on it, and I have a stack of books that I need to read. That I should have read years ago. Anyway. I am not doing as much progress as I would love to, but tiny little steps. The books are all in my apartment and I will return to My City tomorrow and being able to work with them concentrated.
On the weekend The Husband and I worked on the workshop that we are giving in about two weeks, and although it is about what I teach usually I still need some time to organize well-rounded presentations. The audience is different from my average students, and I want to tailor it according to them (which is difficult if you do not know them).
Besides that I am working on the page proofs of that little chapterlet that I finished last fall (/irony on yes, the editor is very happy about the speed of that publishing house /irony off) and of one of the compendium article that I finished last year as well. For the second one they told me to delete all footnotes. Great. I liked my footnotes. For that little chapter I am waiting for feedback on shifting around a section.

Teaching is going well. Last week before class I asked one student to be aware of the thin line between being a critical mind or a destructive one (and he smiled and nodded and said that he knew what I was referring to and promised improvement), and coincidentally during that session the class always disagreed with what he said. Good class 🙂

My biggest accomplishment, however, is the fact that I told my boss that I will not join her on our annual conference. I simply lack the energy, but that is not a valid excuse for her. But that is the truth – I simply lack the energy.

Otherwise I have a new cell phone (with a digital camera! And an MP3-player!) because my old one broke, my apartment in My City has new water and waste pipes (my bathroom still needs the tile-job getting done), and we had elections for the European parliament. I am still hesitant how much to reveal about myself, and writing about national politics would reveal a bit. On the other hand I guess it is pretty obvious by now where I am from. But I will save the election for another post. Now I will turn to my beloved thesis.