Actually for a week already, but my boss is gone until next Monday. Last week I spent entirely in My City, getting used to work again, and this week until Sunday in Our City.

The two weeks of vacation were wonderful. The Husband and I started our vacation with visiting a concert. The next day we met his former PhD advisor for coffee and cake and dinner which was just lovely. In contrast to my thesis advisor he asked questions about my progress and my problems, and it was a good feedback.
We left that same night to drive to my parents where we spent a couple of wonderful lazy days, eating plenty of wonderful food, reading lots, going on a walk each night. We left the next weekend and went to my parents-in-law where we stayed a couple of days, celebrating my brother-in-laws birthday (unfortunately we forgot to bring the pictures along we took at his wedding a month ago), sailing, etc. Afterwards we spent some days at Our City, went on a day-trip or two, and on the last day had a lovely barbecue with friends.

There is work piling up:
– Writing an article for a conference, due in a week
– Writing a summarization of my thesis for the yearbook of my association in which all current thesis’ projects are published, due a week ago.
– Editing a compendium with The Husband.

No classes to prepare as I am done đŸ™‚ But I need to get my application done for next year when my job ends (I will start a training to teach secondary schools which will last two years and be hell.) And before that training starts in the beginning of 2010 I HAVE TO FINISH MY THESIS.

And as I see some of the bloggers I read regularly are posting their daily menu (there was a “lets blog daily-journal-wise” trend), I will give that one a try as well.
Nourishment today: a slice of bread with strawberry jam made by my mother, a cup of anis-caraway-tea, salad and thick-cut fries, vanilla-and-hazelnut-gelato, lots of water, apricot and orange juice, two slices of bread with cheddar on one and vegetarian onion lard on the other, and home-grown tomatoes.