“Gut gegen Nordwind” by Daniel Glattauer
12th edition published in 2008 by Goldmann, 223 pages

A while ago I was visiting a friend of mine who – after years not being happy living in her neighborhood at the other side of town – finally decided to come back to the neighborhood we call home. We were sitting on her new couch, and talking and talking, and just before I wanted to leave she handed over this book to me and said that it is wonderful and I have to read it.
So I did on my way back home to Our City, and finished it indeed that same evening. It is an dialog exchanged via email between a young single man and a young married woman; started by an incident (= wrong address).
There is a certain dynamic in the reading process because the emails are often short, and exchanged very quickly. I guess it is not difficult to imagine how the plot develops, and this is my only criticism – it is a bit cliché (though the ending was indeed surprising, so kudos to the author for not following every possible cliché). I have never watched the movie “Email for you”, but seen trailers. Maybe I am wrong, but the book reminded me a bit about these trailers.
And when it comes to story-plots like this (letters exchanged between a man and a woman, a boy and a girl), “Dear Comrade” by Frances Thomas is my all-time favorite.

Anyway, here are the first three sentences:

“15. Jänner
Betreff: Abbestellung
Ich möchte bitte mein Abonnement kündigen. Geht das auf diesem Wege? Freundliche Grüße, E. Rothner”