The paper is getting shape, but so so so slowly.

In the afternoon when my brain was too tired for continuing working I went to the swimming pool here in Our City, actually for the first time. During our vacation I had bought a swimming suit (my old one is from down-under and was purchased 15 years ago. I still like it a lot, but my body has changed.), and started swimming in My City last week. First time 1 km, second time 1.1 km, and today 1.2 km. But I am so exhausted physically afterwards that the paper stayed untouched for the rest of the day.

Nourishment: A slice of bread with strawberry jam, lost of milk with a shot of coffee, baby spinach, fried eggs and potatoes from the farmers’ market, a piece of lemonish cream cake (so good!), two slices of bread with cold cut and cheddar and tomatoes from the farmers’ market.