During our vacation we finally made it to the movies and saw “State of Play” which plays in Washington, D.C. In the beginning two men are killed, and reporter Cal McAffrey is assigned to write about it. The next day a young is pushed in front of an underground train, but it appears to be a suicide. Congressman Stephen Collins informs the press about her death (she worked with him), but in the way he does it it becomes obvious that they had an affair. At the newspaper Cal works for, Della Frye, a young and energetic blogger, gets assigned to work on this case.
McAffrey and Collins are friends from college, and Collins tells him that he does not buy into the suicide theory. McAffrey starts researching on this case, realizes a connection to the shootings, and together with Frye works on figuring out the truth.

The movie is a homage to the good old newpaper.

We enjoyed it, being more or less typical Hollywood with some interesting turnarounds one would not expect immediately.